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That’s The “MyCRA Lawyers Difference”

I know you’ve probably already done enough homework to discover and see all of the warnings from other trusted organisations like the Ombudsmen and the Consumer Action Law Centre, that there are sooo many dodgy, ‘shonky’, unqualified people and new startup businesses, all ripping people off while claiming to fix credit ratings, and I know you’re probably totally overloaded with all the ‘BS’ claims and hype you’ve heard from them, not to mention that even Choice Magazine recently named one of those credit repairers one of the Shonkiest Businesses In Australia

It’s enough to drive you mad, so I know you’d be relieved to have finally found MyCRA Lawyers because MyCRA Lawyers is the only genuine light at the end of the tunnel, the ONLY real and safe alternative to ‘dodgy and shonky brothers’.

Because MyCRA Lawyers is a Law Firm it means that every single thing we do is one hundred percent (100%) transparent.

This means no smoke & mirrors and no fancy tricky sales pitches, and because we operate legal trust accounts that are fully independently audited at minimum intervals to the highest compliance standards, you know you’re in good hands and your hard earned money is safe with MyCRA Lawyers.

We Are Fully Answerable To You…

We are fully accountable and answerable to you, The Queensland Law Society and The Legal Service Commission.

This means when you engage MyCRA Lawyers today to remove your bad credit default listing, you have all the Protection, Backing and Reassurance that hundreds of years of Legal Tradition, Ethics, Accountability and Ingrained Structure bring to the table that you need to be certain you’ve made the right decision.

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Brad talks to MyCRA Lawyers Chief Executive Officer, Graham Doessel


Will Chats With MyCRA Lawyers Chief Executive Officer, Graham Doessel


Belinda Thanks MyCRA Lawyers Chief Executive Officer, Graham Doessel


This All Ads Up To Give You Peace Of Mind.

When you choose to do business with MyCRA Lawyers, you’re assured of the highest level of service, the highest levels of professionalism and naturally, the highest levels of expertise and dedication that will result in you getting your bad credit default removal resolution – 1GUARANTEED or 1Your Money Back.

Only a Law Firm of MyCRA Lawyers’ level of expertise and experience can offer a 1Guarantee like this, because MyCRA Lawyers is the ONLY Law Firm in Australia 100% dedicated to removing your bad credit default listing. It’s everything and all we do!


Common Sense

Don’t Be Fooled By The Cheap Option…


Be CAREFUL and don’t be fooled by the ‘cheap option’ Shonks.  After all, it’s your hard-earned money, and it’s your whole financial life and future on the line here.  So you want to make sure you’ve made the best decision, because you’ve been through enough pain already to take the unnecessary risk of more pain, risk more disappointment, and risk more of your hard-earned money on those dodgy ‘cheap shonks’.

I know this is a lot to take in, and I know you’d probably give or do almost anything to be able to go back in time and undo what you did (or didn’t do) that caused you to be where you are now, but my time machine is ‘in the shop’, probably right next to yours…

So I’m sure you’d agree that if we can’t go back in time and undo it all, then the next best thing you can do, might be to have your very own credit reporting legislation legal experts working for you, on your side to:

  • tear your creditor’s processes apart, at their very seams;
  • minutely dissect all your creditor’s procedures; and
  • audit every inch, every tiny crevice and every dark corner of everything your creditor did, to uncover and unearth legislative or compliance errors in the way your creditor placed your bad credit default listings, and finally;
  • blow the lid off all the dirty little secrets they nervously and desperately don’t want you to know about, much less use against them.

Over the last six years working with many thousands of clients, our intensive research has revealed three very important facts that you might find interesting.

credit repair factsFact One (How’d This Happen)

Most of our clients are just like you and fall into at least one of three main categories:

  1. Knew nothing about the default listing at all before you applied for your finance;
  2. Suspected there might be an issue or two because things were tough a few years back; or
  3. Have known about the bad credit for a while, but have only just discovered the MyCRA Lawyers bad credit default removal solution can work for you.

credit repair factsFact Two (Times Have Been Tough)

Just like you, most of our clients have bad credit for one or more of three main reasons:

  1. A relationship breakup where you didn’t see things go as ‘smoothly’ as you would have asked for;
  2. You/your partner suffered a short to medium term cash flow crisis like the loss of a job, that saw you constantly asking yourself how you’d make ends meet;
  3. A significant life changing event caused you to refocus your attention on your more personal circumstances and for a while, it was all you could do to just get through it, trying to hold everything together. The last thing you wanted to see or hear was a window faced envelope or a phone call from an ‘unknown caller’ or ‘private caller’ chasing money;

credit repair factsFact Three (It’s Not Your Fault)

As you already know, Good People get bad credit and bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person because:

  1. If your creditor had taken the time to make sure you actually understood what all of those ‘debt collection phrases’ really meant, you’d probably have paid the bill or gone into an arrangement of some kind that was affordable;
  2. If your creditor had bothered to actually warn you about the impending default by sending you a letter, an email or by simply picking up the phone and calling you, you’d at least have been able to make an informed decision and you might have been able to do something about it – it should have been your choice.
  3. In a recent independently audited secure study of MyCRA Lawyers confidential client files, Walker Hill confirmed MyCRA Lawyers successfully achieved a removal resolution in 91.6% of cases meaning that’s it’s not your fault, meaning that your creditor has done the wrong thing and the default should not even be on your credit rating in the first place.

We’re 100% Committed To Clearing Your Credit Rating.

Our team of Dedicated, Expert Solicitors, Paralegals and support staff are passionate about having you as their next personal client to have your bad credit default removal resolution in 18 minutes or less. Just Like ‘AB’ Did.

29.3% (one in three) of our clients, receive a default removal resolution confirmation in seven days or less. How amazing would you feel when you know MyCRA Lawyers delivers on it’s promises?

  • It’s our job to take away all of your stress and worry.
  • We deal with these things all day every day.
  • It’s all MyCRA Lawyers does.

As you’ve been reading, you’ve been thinking about your own circumstances, and you know deep down that you need to take positive steps forward by now following the safe route to remove your bad credit so you can move on with your life, and as you’ve almost come to the end of this page and you’ve seen how we’ve helped so many other clients just like you, by now you’re probably wondering how soon you can get our team working on making a real difference in your lives.

MyCRA Lawyers is unquestionably the most consistent, most reliable and most trustworthy firm you can choose to get your credit rating back into tip top shape, shiny and sparkling like a brand new car…

Imagine that new car smell, imagine your credit rating with a new car smell almost like you’ve got the phone call from your conveyancer and she tells you that it’s all settled, congratulations you are finally a home owner and as you and your partner walk through the front door of your very own new home, you imagine, just for a moment, that you could smell that new home smell, a bit like the new car smell but more homely, more settled, more like it smells like you belong here… it’s your home now…

Graham Doessel | MyCRA Lawyers | Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers | Chief Executive Officer

Graham Doessel | MyCRA Lawyers | Chief Executive Officer

Hi I’m Graham Doessel, Chief Executive Officer and Non-Legal Director of MyCRA Lawyers.

I’ve been working non-stop flat out since 2009 to get to this point right here, right now, where my firm MyCRA Lawyers is so darn good, so darn efficient, and so darn fast at getting your bad credit default listings removed that I Absolutely 1Guarantee MyCRA Lawyers can achieve a successful default removal resolution.

Not only do I 1Guarantee it, if for some strange, unlikely, remote reason we can’t get you the highly anticipated default removal resolution, I’m the one who will absorb the loss, not you.

In fact, I’ll even add up to an extra $1000 worth of additional professional services of your choosing, just for your troubles, and at no extra charge.

If we fail to achieve this minimum outcome, I won’t consider the purchase binding on your part.

I won’t consider the transaction complete.

And, I’ll expect we either continue working with you on another legal matter of your choosing (PLUS up to $1000 in additional professional services for your troubles) or return your money, or return whatever part of your money you think is fair.

Please URGENTLY call MyCRA Lawyers Now on 1300-667-218 to take advantage of this time limited, exclusive and unprecedented, Totally UNIQUE and never seen before anywhere in Australia Credit Repair Offer…

To get up to an additional $1000 in Professional legal services of your choosing as mentioned above, you must specifically quote this code [SL11KD15] to your client acquisitions specialist when you are on the phone. You will NOT be asked for this code, you must make special mention of this code [SL11KD15] before you pay us one single solitary cent, and ask for it to be noted in your file that you quoted it specifically.

If You Already Know That Only MyCRA Lawyers Can Help You, Call 1300-667-218 To Get Started Today.  or

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Here’s What A Few Previous Clients have Said

Thank you Very much for your prompt handling of this matter. Thank you also to Corey who saved me a lot of to and throw (billing minutes) by quickly accessing my file for an up to the minute update, supported by ‘NOW’ emails regarding progress, including clear understandable trust account billing.

I found it very refreshing get have an ‘off the record’ frank discussions drawing on the experience of the team to be absolutely golden! I I was able to carry on with business, rest assured My CRA Lawyers had everything under control.

MY CRA Delivered in time and on budget.

Top Job Guys!!

I will gladly recommend MY CRA Lawyers to family and friends in the future.

Awhina - WA
Thank you so much for a great service that was professional and very prompt.
Jess - Qld
Thanks a lot for stellar results on the client I referred Friday.

Credit Card Default from a trigger happy major was removed in 3 days.


Sean - NSW
I would like to inform you that, after spoken to you yesterday, I called Veda and they told me that my credit default has been removed. I also ordered for my new credit report and indeed the Optus default listing was not there, plus my credit score went up 546 – 716%.

I Just want to thank you guys for following up.

Thank you

Joseph - WA
I contacted MyCRA Lawyers after being off work with an injury.
It started by missing a couple of small payments, power, phone then an existing loan I had.
Still unable to return to work, things started to compound exponentially and before I knew it I started getting calls from up to 3 different debt collectors 5 times a day.

I felt powerless to do anything about it and decided to give Graham Doessel at MyCRA Lawyers a call. Within the first week Graham and his expert team had completely removed the $1000 debt but more importantly, the default listing from VEDA. Their high success rate of removing defaults, combined with their extensive knowledge of debt collectors not adhering to certain rules they must follow means the defaults can be removed quicker than you would expect.

I would certainly recommend their services, and can’t tell you how satisfied you feel when the burden is lifted.

Stefan - Qld

1 A few basic terms and conditions apply and are fully detailed within our 100% refund guarantee legal cost agreement.  Please call us for more details

2 Credit Repair Australia was named as one of the ‘Shonkiest Businesses In Australia’ by Choice Magazines Annual Shonky Awards. 

In a recent survey, independently externally audited by Walker Hill, Walker Hill confirmed the successful removal resolutions for all matters that were taken on and fully investigated between 01/04/2105 and 30/09/2015 (6 months) is an Outstanding 91.6%.  That’s better than 9 out of 10 success!

To qualify for the up to $1000 in additional legal services, you must provide the CODE as referred to in the text above, to the MyCRA Lawyers Client Acquisitions Specialist prior to making any form of payment to MyCRA Lawyers and you must request the supplied code be immediately noted on your file as having been provided.  Once your code has been verified, your file will be updated confirming your option, in the unlikely event of MyCRA Lawyers failing to secure a removal resolution, to forego and form of refund whatsoever and to be credited with the full amount of professional fees receipted for that particular default matter, plus up to $1000 in additional credit to be applied to MyCRA Lawyers invoices against professional fees ONLY.  You will have a full two years to utilise the credits before they expire.

Click the image below to open it full size in a new window.

MyCRA Lawyers Independently Audited confirmation of 91.6% Successful Default Removal Resolutions