bad creditFor someone who is locked out of mainstream credit because of their credit rating, their finance options become limited. But there are options, and in Australia, it may not always be entering into a “bad credit” loan. There are alternatives, depending on whether the credit file holder has grounds to dispute the bad credit tarnishing their credit file. We examine the ins and outs of bad credit loans in Australia, and the instances where it may be both fairer and cheaper to examine compliance with a credit repairer instead.

By Graham Doessel, Founder and CEO of MyCRA Credit Rating Repair and

A bad credit report is a deal breaker with most mainstream Credit Providers. Bad credit can include defaults, writs, Judgments, Bankruptcies and even excess credit enquiries. From March 2014 it will also include payments more than 5 days late to licenced Credit Providers (loans, credit cards etc).

Graham Doessel

Graham Doessel
Founder & CEO
MyCRA Credit Repairs &

Bad credit impacts most people for between 5 and 7 years – and 2 years for repayment history. Most mainstream Credit Providers will refuse credit – particularly in the current economic climate. Often people can’t even get a mobile phone plan.

Despite this, many alternative loans are available out there for people who are on the outer due to bad credit defaults and other credit listings. But these bad credit (non-conforming) loans generally come at a much higher interest rate, which can cost people tens of thousands more in interest just over the first three years of the loan.  This is in order to cover the risks associated with taking on someone with bad credit. For example, on a loan of say $300,000, the difference in 2% from the standard variable rate of say 7% to a bad credit loan rate of say 9% could mean a family is paying as much as $15,046.57 more over those first three years just in interest.

Prior to branching out into credit repair, I ran a successful non-conforming brokerage helping people who were refused mainstream credit. But with many people – when I heard about the circumstances around their bad credit – I often felt they had been dealt an unfair blow – forced to pay thousands more in interest when the bad credit possibly shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

This is why, the first port of call when someone is faced with bad credit, should be to determine the accuracy of the credit listing. published a great article on bad credit loans in Australia, titled A Guide To Loans For People With Bad Credit.

It features some pertinent advice about choosing a loan after being refused credit with a mainstream lender. It goes through the steps you may need to take to secure finance in Australia, and includes some final tips for securing a loan. The central tip is, prior to committing to a loan attempt to fix your bad credit issues first.

“Loans for people with bad credit should really be a last resort, as opposed to the only option. See what you can do to repair your credit rating beforehand and hopefully begin looking for loans just as anyone else would,”’s Alex Wilson says.

Australians should not put up with bad credit if it shouldn’t be there. Any credit listings which the individuals believe are inconsistent, unfair, or incorrect should be disputed.  Credit rating errors could be anything from the credit listing placed by the Credit Provider on the wrong credit file; to the basis of the credit listing being unfounded; to incorrect notices being provided; right through to system errors and incorrect spelling, to name a few examples.

Creditors are bound by a large volume of legislation and codes of conduct to do with placing information on consumer credit files. These laws are in place to protect consumers from unfair and damaging credit reporting.

Credit repair is a lengthy process, involving the review of all documentation from an individual – including the credit file and all the circumstances surrounding the default, writ or Judgment.

The credit repairer will conduct an audit-like investigation of the circumstances surrounding the credit listing, noting any compliance issues which would deem the credit listing unlawful and require its removal from the credit file. If the credit listing has been placed unlawfully, then it should be removed.

When an inconsistent credit listing is removed, it generally means the consumer is able to apply for mainstream credit – provided bad credit was the only item preventing finance approval.

If you would like an assessment for your suitability for credit repair, talk to a consultant at MyCRA Credit Rating Repair on 1300 667 218 – they can assess how you might fare in removing bad credit before you commit to any bad credit loan in Australia. Do bear in mind – there are some credit listings which MyCRA cannot remove from your credit file, including Bankruptcies.

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