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Are you getting bad credit for Christmas?

An advocate for accurate credit reporting warns every credit-active Australian should make sure they’re not getting bad credit for Christmas, as surprise bad credit can happen to anyone, even those who pay all their bills on time.

CEO of MyCRA Credit Rating Repair, Graham Doessel says it is important for Australians to understand how easy it is to wind up with a bad credit rating and not know it.

“There are no class lines, whether rich or poor if you have taken out credit then you could be at risk. I would like to say it is always cut and dried – don’t pay, get bad credit but in reality it’s not that simple. The only way to be sure is to check your credit file regularly,” he says.

A default listing can be placed on a consumer credit file if a bill payment is late more than 60 days.

But Mr Doessel says there are many reasons why a consumer can be defaulted other than simply choosing not to make bill payments on time.

“Creditors don’t always comply with the law, and sometimes they make mistakes – wrong names, wrong addresses, as well as human and computer errors,” he says.

He also says certain circumstances can leave consumers more vulnerable.

“Identity theft, separation from your spouse, bill disputes, overseas trips and even moving house would definitely be situations where afterwards I would be checking my credit file to make sure it was clear,” he says.

Mr Doessel says unfair credit listings should be disputed, as negative listings such as defaults will mean credit refusal or higher interest rates for the term of the listing.

He says listings are not removed by creditors unless the credit file holder or a third party acting on their behalf can provide adequate reason and lots of evidence as to why the listing shouldn’t be there.

“It’s not easy to dispute a credit listing – but it is a point worth fighting for,” he says.

Consumers are entitled to obtain a free copy of their credit report from Australia’s credit reporting agencies once per year. This is sent within 10 working days of the request.

“If you have some time off soon, this might be a great time to do your credit file check. If there is something amiss on your credit report, you can dispute it with your Creditor yourself or you can contact a professional credit repairer to do it for you,” Mr Doessel says.

People can visit for help to get their free credit report.


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