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Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study

VodaFone, Identity Theft, 9 Day Removal

Client Profile:

Name: Justin
State: QLD
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Married/Single: Single
Listing Type: Default
Original Creditor: Vodafone
Current Creditor: Panthera Finance
Paid / Unpaid: Unpaid
Listing Amount: $1,907
Commenced work: 31/08/2016
Default Resolution: 09/09/2016
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Credit Repair Background:
Justin did not open a Vodafone account and does not recognise this debt. He maintains he never lived at the address the account was opened at. Justin has not been contacted by Vodafone about this account and did not know about the default until he applied for a home loan.

What were any challenges with the creditor?
There were no issues with the creditors as they responded to our requests in a timely manner.

Why was the listing removed?
MyCRA Lawyers supplied evidence to Panthera Finance and Vodafone supporting Justin’s case that his personal information had been used fraudulently at the time of the Bad Credit Default listing.

Justin was referred to MyCRA Lawyers by his mortgage broker. He’d applied for a mortgage and only then discovered he had a Vodafone Default listed on his credit report. He wanted more information about MyCRA Lawyers and whyMyCRA Lawyers are so successful at removing defaults from credit files.  This information was supplied and Justin opted to make the decision to choose MyCRA Lawyers as the only safe choice. MyCRA Lawyers proved Justin’s case for the removal of his default listing in just 9 days and Justin can now confidently apply for his home loan finance. Congratulations Justin!