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Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study

Client Profile:

Name: Vanessa
State: VIC
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Married/Single: Single
Listing Type: Default
Original Creditor: Commonwealth Bank
Current Creditor: Credit Corp
Paid / Unpaid: Paid
Listing Amount: $15,097
Commenced work: 1/03/2016
Default Resolution: 3/03/2016
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Credit Repair Background:
The CBA loan was for Vanessa’s medical expenses. During that same time she was undergoing the medical procedure, her parents separated and her partner had re-located interstate. Vanessa had become mentally unstable suffering from both depression and anxiety. Vanessa was able to provide supporting evidence from her doctor.

Vanessa was feeling overwhelmed and due to her anxiety, was unable to open her mail in fear of what the mail might contain. Vanessa was also overwhelmed by the stress of not being able to meet her financial obligations.

What were any challenges with the creditor?
There were no issues with the CBA and they responded very quickly.

Why was the listing removed?
The Commonwealth Bank was found very quickly to have listed the default in error. The CBA immediately agreed to have the default removed.

Vanessa contacted MyCRA Lawyers as she felt that it was unfair she had a bad credit rating that would continue to destroy her life for a further five years as a result of the emotionally crippling time series of unfortunate events. MyCRA Lawyers secured the removal of her default in just 2 days! Vanessa is now one step closer to qualifying for her home loan. Congratulations Vanessa – Good luck with your house hunting!


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