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Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study

Client Profile:

Name: Deborah*
State: QLD
Sex: Female
Age: 45
Listing Type: Commercial Default
Original Creditor: Atlas Specialty
Current Creditor:
Paid / Unpaid: Unpaid
Listing Amount: $2000
Commenced work: 6/06/2016
Default Resolution: 19/07/2016
case study image

Credit Repair Background:
At the time of the listing, Deborah and her husband were having huge financial difficulties & with most of their suppliers, and they were put on payment plans. From time to time their cash flow was tight; however they were always negotiating and corresponding
with their suppliers.

What were any challenges with the creditor?
At first, our office faced many delays and issues with the creditor as they refused to respond to our requests and the Accounts Receivable function of Atlas had recently transitioned from Melbourne to Sydney.

Why was the listing removed?
Atlas was unable to provide the requested documents due to the transition of the Accounts Department from Melbourne to Sydney, changes in the system and unable to recover emails sent from Credit Manager.

Deborah was referred to our office by her mortgage broker. Her broker advised that the default was preventing Deborah and her husband to obtain a reasonable business loan that they would need to keep the business running smoothly. MyCRA Lawyers negotiated the removal of her commercial default in 43 days and Deborah and her husband can now move forward financially. Congratulations Deborah and good luck!

Deborah’s* name has been changed to protect privacy

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