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Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study

Client Profile:

Name: Garrie*
State: WA
Sex: Male
Age: 61
Married/Single: Married
Listing Type: Commercial Default
Original Creditor: Coates Hire
Current Creditor:
Paid / Unpaid: Paid
Listing Amount: $719
Commenced work: 28/02/2018
Default Resolution: 25/05/2018
case study image

Credit Repair Background:
Garrie had listings on his credit file. The listings are not his debts as these debts actually belong to GDK Electrical Services as he was employed by them and the company went into liquidation.

What were any challenges with the creditor?
Coates Hire refused to remove the listing at the time of the investigation.

Why was the listing removed?
MyCRA Lawyers  raised the following issues an OAIC complaint were breach of section 21G(6), 21V, 21W, APP 13, cl 20, cl 20.3, APP 12, APP 1, 21T, cl 19.5, 13, 15, 26L, 13G. MyCRA Lawyers also raised incorrect last known address and hardship. Coates Hire then agreed to removal.

Garrie engaged MyCRA Lawyers to investigate the likelihood of removal of listings on his credit file. These debts actually belong to GDK Electrical Services, which he was employed by when the company went into liquidation. MyCRA Lawyers negotiated the successful removal of his bad credit default listing in 86 days. Garrie* is now a step closer to achieving a finance approval. Congratulations Garrie and good luck!

Garrie’s* name has been changed to protect privacy

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