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Bad Credit Rating Removal Case Study

Client Profile:

Name: Roy
State: WA
Sex: Male
Age: 51
Married/Single: Married
Listing Type: Default
Original Creditor: Telstra
Current Creditor: Credit Corp
Paid / Unpaid: Paid
Listing Amount: $4,382.50
Commenced work: 14/06/2016
Default Resolution: 19/08/2016
case study image

Credit Repair Background:
Roy and his wife were drowning in debt and were unable to keep up with the repayments. Roy was left with 3 defaults and a devastated financial reputation as a result of this difficult time.

What were any challenges with the creditor?
We requested additional information from Credit Corp regarding Telstra’s billing, which Telstra took several weeks to respond.

Why was the listing removed?
Our investigation of Telstra’s file indicated the invoices and notices were posted to Roy.

Roy had indicated that his monthly invoices were emailed to him.  He was able to evidence this by providing MyCRA Lawyers with a copy of an email from Telstra with his final invoice. Interestingly, Roy had never received any of the prescribed default notices by email.

Before a creditor can default list a debtor, the default notices must be issued to the debtor’s last known address. As this default was listed after the changes to The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the last known address can include an email address, should the email be the debtor’s preferred method of contact.

Telstra initially stated that all the invoices and notices were posted to Roy’s residential address however, upon presentation of Roy’s final invoice email, the default was promptly removed.

MyCRA Lawyers are successful in removing most default listings and in Roy’s case, this listing took a little longer but at just 66 days, now that all of Roy’s defaults have been removed, he can now confidently apply for their home loan. Congratulations Roy – Send us pictures of you and your new home!


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