Those brokers who are just in it for the money are few and far between in this market.  Those that have hung around despite all the market conditions thrust upon them must have a passion for the job, and a drive to see people realise their dreams of home or business ownership. We show you why more of the people you come across every day could end up being your biggest fans and clients for life.

By Graham Doessel, Founder and CEO of MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs and

As brokers, you are restrained by so many conditions which are simply out of your control in the current market.

Left over from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) are tighter lending conditions and nervous borrowers. Put this together with regulations for National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) compliance, and the result is unfortunately a diminished client base.

Let’s face it – in this market, if you have to pick between a client with a perfect application or one which is slightly tarnished or impaired with bad credit (paid or unpaid), then it’s likely that you’ll choose the squeaky clean one…no headaches, no worries…and no extra indemnity insurance on a non-conforming loan.

But most brokers do not know there is another way.

In more than 9 out of 10 cases, bad credit history can actually be repaired. Engaging credit rating repair for a bad credit client gives the client the home at the best possible interest rates, and you the commission – and trail.

Everyone wins.

Plus, all parties are doing their part to help improve consistency in credit reporting through ensuring creditors enter listings fairly and accurately.

For those who don’t know, here is how credit rating repair works…

Bad credit can occur for a number of reasons:
• Due to a dispute on a bill, such as a telephone or power bill;
• Because of a change of address;
• A major sudden upheaval such as illness or death;
• Identity theft or fraud; or
• Simple human error by the creditor

The creditor defaults the consumer on one or more of their credit records held by the three (soon to be four) Credit Reporting Agencies in Australia.

Defaults and other negative listing entries are strictly controlled by several pieces of legislation and several more codes of conduct. This aspect itself creates many grey areas and of course, is subject to interpretation.

Consumers are blessed in Australia to live in a place where they are highly protected. Some of these protections are spelled out throughout the several thousand pages of legislation that works with and around Credit Reporting Law.

Because the legislation is lengthy and involved, it gives those that are informed quite a lot of power. This knowledge is sometimes weighted heavily on the side of the creditor and leaves consumers with little ability to effect change in their own circumstances.

For this reason, credit rating repairers have grown in popularity, as we are often the only people on the side of the consumer with the knowledge needed to fight the case on their behalf.

As credit rating repairers we know this legislation. We review and consult it on a daily basis, looking to discover new and interesting methods to have bad credit set aside.

During the process of discovery, we receive mountains of paperwork from your client’s creditors – which often include account statements, invoices, contracts and file notes.

We review this documentation, constantly referring back to the legislation to formulate a case for your client. Once we are aware of any errors in the way the listing was added to your client’s credit report, we alert the creditor that the listing may be unlawful and request its immediate removal.

At this stage it can sometimes get interesting, as many creditors genuinely believe that what they have done has been lawful and it’s up to us to educate them on where they have made errors.

Occasionally, this can be a lengthy process and sometimes it may require the assistance and rulings of external governmental bodies.

In more than 9 out of 10 cases, your client will be victorious. They can then go back to you to have their mortgage approved, their home loan settled, and their family can move into their very own home.

I’m imagining a blue, round kiddie pool in the backyard, with a little sandy coloured puppy chasing the kids as they run up the slide to the cubby house, laughing and giggling all the way. That was my backyard a few years ago. My kids are all grown up now – one is about to get married. But those fond memories of us as a young family in our own home still remain.

That is the power you have in your hands right now – to make someone’s dreams come true.

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About Graham Doessel and MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs.

Graham Doessel is the founder and CEO of MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs – Australia and New Zealand’s leading credit rating repair specialists.

Graham’s origins are in finance, and he formed/owned the award-winning non-conforming brokerage “Mortgage Now.”
Graham is a consistent spokesperson in the media for credit reporting issues in Australia and New Zealand.

MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs, now in its fourth year of operation, has recorded an impressive track record of up to 91.7% rate of removal of inconsistent or inaccurate negative data from the Australian and New Zealand credit reports of both consumers and commercial entities.

Graham and MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs are proud to be a part of developing a self-regulating framework for the credit rating repair industry through the lead role in the formation of a credit rating repair industry body.

MyCRA Credit Rating Repairs is nominated for the 2012 Telstra Small Business Awards and the 2012 Start-Up Smart Awards.