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Client Profile:

Name: Belinda
State: SA
Sex: Female
Age: 52
Married/Single: Married
Listing Type: Commercial Default
Original Creditor: *”The Company”
Current Creditor:
Paid / Unpaid: Paid
Listing Amount: $1127
Commenced work: 11/07/2014
Default Resolution: 06/07/2015
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Credit Repair Background
Belinda believes that "The Company" has improperly recorded a commercial default on her individual credit file.
Belinda worked as a self-employed contractor for "The Company" between May 2010 and December 2010. She changed her address from Suburb 'A' to Suburb 'B' in September 2010 and informed her "The Company" State Manager of the address change.
Belinda then received further "The Company" stock at her new Suburb 'B' address, however, "The Company" sent the invoice and subsequent statements to her old Suburb 'A' address.
The account was not paid and a commercial default was listed.

What Were The Challenges?
Belinda was seeking the Commercial Default Removal as she believed the listing was unfair.

Belinda had already sought help from The Office Of The Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and various Ombudsman bodies prior to approaching MyCRA Lawyers as both the OAIC and the Ombudsman Bodies had deemed "The Company" correct in default listing.

"The Company" was adamant that the listing was valid as they asserted Belinda had never updated her address with "The Company", and subsequently refused the commercial default removal request at the time of the initial investigation.

Why Was The Listing Removed?
The Commercial Default Removal was achieved after MyCRA Lawyers evidenced "The Company" had in fact been notified of Belinda's change of address and then went about conclusively proving both the change of address and "The Company's" knowledge of the change.

A Deed of Settlement and Release was then drafted, signed and executed to confirm the wishes of both parties.

Belinda was referred to MyCRA Lawyers by her Mortgage Broker. She then immediately engaged MyCRA Lawyers to investigate the likelihood of Commercial Default removal from her individual credit file.

The Commercial Default was listed as the direct result of her changing address with her creditor, and that address change not being updated correctly by her creditor.

Belinda only discovered the commercial bad credit default listing after applying for a consumer home loan and was declined because of the commercial default.

MyCRA Lawyers negotiated the successful Commercial Default Removal, and even though it took 356 days to achieve, Belinda was protected by MyCRA lawyers Fixed Fee Guarantee and no additional charges were applied to her account. Belinda can now move forward financially.

Congratulations Belinda and GOOD LUCK!

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"The Company"* name has been changed to protect privacy and respect the wishes of the parties.

You're At The Point Of Decision...

Belinda Struggled for a long time trying to have the commercial default removed herself.  She went to the Ombudsman Bodies and made a complaint. They investigated and found in favour of "The Company". 

Belinda still believed that the Commercial Default listing was unfair, so she went to the OAIC and filed even more complaints. 

All of the stress, and worry, and sleepless nights started to weigh heavily on Belinda, and when the OAIC also ruled in favour of "The Company", she felt totally defeated. 

Have you ever felt like that?  I'll bet you probably have, haven't you...

Well thank goodness Belinda's Mortgage Broker told her of our successes. 

And, thank goodness Belinda believed strongly enough that her commercial default was listed unfairly to try one last time with MyCRA Lawyers. And she was vindicated, she was proven right, she proved that the Commercial Default was unfair and had to be removed.  She got her life back!

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