Did you know that too many credit enquiries (online credit card application & loan enquiries etc.) can stop you getting your home loan?
Q. What is a credit enquiry?
A. A credit enquiry can be generated whenever you actually apply for a form of finance or credit.

Q. How many credit enquiries is too many credit enquiries?
A. That depends on the type of finance you are applying for. We do know though that as little as 3 credit enquiries can stop you being approved for your home loan.

Q. Do I need to be approved the finance for it to be recorded on my credit file?
A. No, the simple act of making an application (online or offline) can show up as an enquiry

Q. What information is recorded on my credit rating?
A. Usually, your credit file will show:

  • The Date of the enquiry
  • The amount you applied for
  • Creditor you applied through
  • If it was just you or if you applied with a partner
  • The reference number of the enquiry
  • If the enquiry was for commercial or consumer purposes
  • And finally the reason for the enquiry (I.e. Car loan, overdraft, mortgage etc.)

Q. Is there anything else I need to know about Credit Enquiries?
A. Yes, be wary where you get a copy of your credit file as the wrong type of enquiry can hurt you even more.

  • for example, if you have a company “We Remove Bad Credit” listed on your credit rating, it will raise a RED FLAG for many lenders.
  • MyCRA Lawyers can help you get a copy of your credit file BUT
  • MyCRA Lawyers will NEVER appear on your credit file

Q. Where can I quickly and easily get a copy & check my credit file?
A. If you need to check what is on your credit file today, MyCRA Lawyers (Tel: 1300-667-218) can help you get a copy (with no trace of MyCRA Lawyers) of your Equifax (Formerly Veda Advantage) Credit file (with your credit score) and a copy of your Dun & Bradstreet credit file from within one business hour

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