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Your Loan Declined Due To Enquiries?
It’s Okay, You’ve Come To The Right Place, We Can Help, We Can Remove Your Enquiries So You Can Get Your Finance…

  • Enquiries are added to your credit report when you put an application in for finance;
  • It doesn’t matter if you were declined/accepted, or you went through with the loan or not;
  • Having an enquiry with “pay day lenders” (short term loans instantly) can be an instant decline if you applied for a loan with a bank later on; and
  • Enquiries stay on your credit report for 5 years.

MyCRA Lawyers specialises in settling these types of disputes, and removing all traces of the Court Action, Court Writ or Court Judgment form your Credit File.

Your Loan Declined Due To Enquiries?
It’s Okay, You’ve Come To The Right Place, We Can Help, We Can Remove Your Enquiries So You Can Get Your Finance…

Don’t Be Ashamed Or Embarrassed – You’re Safe Here!
It’s Okay, we don’t judge you – we’re here to listen so we can understand what happened, then make it right!. It’s What We Do!
Unfortunately, Bad Credit Is Quite Common These Days And Just Like You, Belinda (in the video) found MyCRA Lawyers Just In Time.

Why Trust MyCRA Lawyers?   

  • Because Our Specialist Lawyers Remove 9 out of 10 Defaults,
  • Most removal resolutions within 30 days (1/3 in 7 days or less),
  • Because More Brokers Choose To Refer Their Clients To MyCRA Lawyers, You Know MyCRA Lawyers Is The Safe Choice If You Want It Done Right!

Listen to what Belinda had to say…

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Graham Doessel

Chief Executive Officer

MyCRA Lawyers

A message from our CEO

I’ve been helping Good People out of bad situations for almost 20 years.
It all started when I was forced into bankruptcy after being ripped off by my business partner, who I thought was also a mate.
Since then, my team and I have helped thousands of people understand their options and how to avoid going through what I went through.
I look forward to helping you too…

Graham Doessel


“Extremely pleased with service from MyCRA Lawyers.They’re fast, very efficient, wonderfully friendly and take the extra trouble to properly explain what everything means. Knowing I have an extremely high credit score is reassuring, should I ever need it.”Your Content Goes Here”

Earl, Ref: 5374

“To Kristina, Nathaniel, Anthony, and all the guys and girls of MyCRA Lawyers, and finally Graham.
Thank you for all the months you’ve endeavored to find me a smoking gun. Esp. Kristina…”

Adrian, Ref: 3699

“Hi Team,
I would like to thank you for your hard work to have this removed. It has been easy working with your team and I will happily recommend your services.”

Daniel, Ref: 4729, 4730

“What a great experience! They found two listings that should not have been on my report and cleared them off in a timely fashion. Throughout the process, communication was constant so I was never left wondering where my case was up to. End result was both listings removed from my credit file so now I can proceed with buying my home! Special thanks to Irana and Kristina, they were fabulous to deal with! Highly recommended!”

Nelson, Ref: 4401, 4402

“Graham and the team at MyCRA lawyers were fantastic help 4 years ago in removing a default from my credit file. When it popped up again on another credit reference file that was previously not used by the banks but now is I was concerned it would take a long time for me to get it off even though it was removed from Veda however I spoke to Graham and he called the creditor who agreed to remove it that day. He even called me back to let me know. I am very thankful and can’t recommend them highly enough.”


“Mycra lawyer are excellent people, if it wasn’t for them then I wouldn’t be were [sic] I am now. Happy and moving on. Excellent customer service and they get results. I would recommend to anyone.”