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    Address History

    What address where you living at when you opened the account?

    What were the approx dates that you were living at this address?

    Did you move house? YesNo

    If yes, where did you move to?

    What are the approximate dates you resided at this new address?

    Did you let your creditor know you were moving? YesNo

    if yes, how did you let them know you moved?


    Did you know the account was overdue? YesNo

    Where you ever contacted about the overdue amount either by phone, mail, or email? YesNo

    If yes, did you respond to any of these requests for payment? YesNo

    How did you respond to any requests for payment?

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    If you haven't already provided any, do you have any documents that you could supply MyCRA Lawyers to assist with your case? (statements, letters, emails etc.) The more information we have the better we can fight for you. YesNo

    How were your invoices issued to you? EmailedPostedPortal login then download

    Were you experiencing financial, emotional, or any other type of hardship at or before the time the account was overdue/listed? YesNo

    Please explain your circumstances at the time of listing (in as much detail as you can) including any financial hardship or extenuating circumstances that you were experiencing.

    Is this an Electricity Account? YesNo

    [group EnergyCreditor1]


    did you organise the connection of the Energy account through the Energy company directly, or through a third party reseller? Directly over the PhoneDirectly on the web onlineThrough rental agentAnother third party

    How were payments made to the account? (BPAY/Direct debit etc)?? BPayDirect TransferAuto Direct Debit

    Were previous bills paid by the due date?

    Was a payment arrangement ever requested? YesNo

    If yes, did you meet your requirements of the payment arrangement? YesNo

    Did you have any previous issues about receiving the invoices? (i.e. mail going missing, emails not arriving etc) YesNo

    Have you ever raised a complaint with the Energy Co in the past? YesNo

    If yes, was there a resolution and what was it?

    Did you call to close the account? YesNo

    Did you provide a forwarding address when you closed the account? YesNo

    Was there any issue accessing the meter on the property (large dog, or locked fence etc?) YesNo