Our clients prefer to know exactly what they need to invest before they get started.

So we created a very simple Fixed Fee Guarantee.

You pay just one low fee into our Legal Trust Account, and that’s all you’ll pay to have MyCRA Lawyers use all of our Legal Power and Might to investigate, audit and uncover all the legislative and compliance breaches to prove your bad credit listing is unlawful, and require its immediate removal.

We can quote you a fixed fee just as soon as we can take a look at your Equifax or Illion Credit Files (preferably both).

We can also help you get a copy of your credit files quickly and easily while you’re on the phone – Call 1300 667 218 now to ask questions or to Get Started Now!

Did You Know that about a third (1/3) of our clients have received news of their successful bad credit default removal resolution in seven (7) days or less… Imagine you receiving that amazing news by next week…

Home loan buyers will save up-to $17,000 in home loan interest once they’ve had their credit repaired By MyCRA Lawyers.

[Dr Kamal Zgheib had 2 x Black marks on his credit rating and both were removed by MyCRA Lawyers in less than a month.

Listen to the telephone call between Graham Doessel (MyCRA Lawyers Chief Executive Officer) and Dr Zgheib where he explains how the “unjustified” listings were removed and the difference it is making to his life already.]

Here’s the transcription for you to read along…

Hello Kamal speaking
good afternoon Kamal, Graham Doessel from MyCRA Lawyers in Brisbane, how you going?
I’m good, good thank you. How are you?
Good, Do you have a couple seconds?
Yes, I do actually have a patient in my room, I’m just printing something for him, just one moment.
Ok thanks
Ok, so ah, yeah, is there anything that I can do for you at the moment?
Absolutely, absolutely. It’s um – are you talking to me or the patient?
ahh you haha
hahaha. Yeah, I just noticed the email that you sent through to lauren this morning
Thank you so very very much for your kind words that’s amazing
Thank you i really appreciate it
I was wondering if I used that in my marketing?
of cause
do you mind if i leave your name in there?
Yes 100%, but if you want me to send you the same email to you sir i have no problem with that
no that’s fine I’m happy to use the one I’ve got here that’s fine. Thank you so very very much and look if we can be of any help with anything at any stage in the future…?
Thank you so much I will tell all my doctors friends, family and I will recommend them to you, because for me –
it’s so easy to get bad credit isn’t it? (Yeah) It’s so easy to get bad credit and so hard to get rid of.
that’s right it was for me impossible to get any loan, without your help, cause you know I had two default unjustified and um I dunno if Lauren knew about it, I contacted Veda and the default has been removed completely, probably she doesn’t know yet haha, but i wanted to let her know, and my Veda score is the highest in Australia, its 911.
That’s fantastic
So yeah
So it’s just that default that was making it hard yeah?
Yes, my Veda score was 452 (yep) 20% bottom, you know, bottom, I mean sub zero, and now it’s 911, (yep) it’s the highest in the country. It’s in the 81 – 100%, so it’s the – it’s an excellent score – Excellent.
That’s amazing
So you’ve got below average, you’ve got average; you’ve got good, very good, and excellent. For mine its excellent thanks to you.
I’m very very glad to hear that very glad to hear that. (Thank you) So the only thing that I’ll block out of this thing is your personal email address
I’m more than happy for you to do that, yeah. And if you would like me to do some testimonial on YouTube for example, I’ll get my partner, she’s in IT and ah she knows, well a lot about computers, I’m more than happy to organise a YouTube testimonial regarding umm you know… regarding the ahhh…. you know our chat and explaining what your firm has done to me.
G- well that’s – that’s absolutely wonderful yeah absolutely
And Lauren Andrew ahhh Phillip Anthony, Cory – they are all amazing, you know? I can’t tell you how beautiful the service was, it’s amazing, its changed my life. It’s changed my life and it’s saved me thousands of dollars because you know the bank wanted to give me 10% because of my credit file. My excellent – my credit history now, it’s back on track
fantastic, congratulations Kamal that’s amazing
thank you so much sir, thank you so much. Thank you.
do you mind if I pull this phone call from our server and I’ll just use your kind words in an audio testimonial as well is that ok?
ahh thank you so much
Thank you
Thank you Kamal, I really really appreciate it.
Thank you so much bye bye
Bye bye