Recently I blogged about Telstra allegedly breaching the privacy of some 200,000 clients by sending out letters to clients containing the details of other Telstra clients phone services and contact details.

Now it seems, Vodafone have allegedly breached privacy also..

According to a OAIC release, Vodafone have allegedly allowed personal and private Client information to have been available on a website which may have breached the Privacy Act.

I am glad I am not a Vodafone client right now.

MyCRA works everyday with clients that have defaults on their credit files and with hundreds of thousands of ‘reported’ cases of Identity Theft every year in Australia, this Vodafone issue is just what the organised gangs are after to steal more identities.

The following excerpt is directly from the OAIC Media release:

The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Mr Timothy Pilgrim, will investigate allegations that Vodafone has made the personal information of its customers available via an internet site.

“Our Office takes all allegations of privacy breaches very seriously. All organisations should ensure the security of their customers’ personal information or risk breaching the Privacy Act and causing serious customer dissatisfaction and possible loss of business as a result,” Mr Pilgrim said.

“The Office’s first step will be to determine whether Vodafone’s activities constitute a breach of the Privacy Act. I am concerned about the amount of personal information that may have been disclosed which could include sensitive information. For this reason I have opened an own motion investigation into the matter today. I have spoken with the CEO of Vodafone and he has assured me of Vodafone’s full cooperation,” Mr Pilgrim said.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner also advised that if an individual believes their privacy has been interfered with they should first contact Vodafone and if they are not satisfied with their response they can make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

If you have fallen victim to Identity Theft, firstly report it to the police and cancel any accounts that may have been affected.

Once you have that area under control, Give MyCRA Credit Rating Repair a call and we can guide you through the process of removing any black marks that may have appeared on your credit file or credit rating as a result of the Identity theft Issue

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