Fix my bad credit” – Sounds good  – so what’s that all about? As credit rating repair specialists, we get asked time and again to rebuild your credit history so you can get that car, that home, that credit card or basically restore your financial future. Here is a look at how we can help you rebuild your credit and rebuild your life.

By Graham Doessel, Founder and CEO of MyCRA Credit Repairs, and

“Hello MyCRA Credit Repairs. I am going for a home loan, and the broker tells me when they checked my credit report, they found a default against my name. I had no idea! How can I find out what went wrong and how I fix my credit rating? Our family really has its heart set on this house and it looks like we’re going to lose it! Can you fix my credit report so I no longer have a default?”

This is the story of many of our clients. It is not until they apply for credit that the lender obtains a copy of their credit report.  It can be devastating to find out you have a bad credit rating and even more devastating to know that your dreams of owning that home could be slipping away because of it.

Let me tell you, it might not be all lost.

If there are any adverse listings on your credit file which you believe are incorrect, contain errors or just should not be there – then you have the right to have those credit file errors removed.

The problem with attempting to dispute errors on your credit file with creditors yourself is two-fold. Without knowledge of the legislation, people almost invariably get caught in legal ‘loop-holes’ which see the default, writ or Judgment left on the credit file, or at best see the listing marked as ‘paid’. Both of these results DO NOT give you that home or car loan as lenders still consider even a paid listing as bad credit history.

Secondly, by talking to creditors themselves about credit file errors, people can accidentally ‘alert’ creditors to any mistakes they may have made in the initial method of credit reporting – allowing them to fix up their mistakes and negate the need to remove the credit file default which was placed in error.

If you are just starting out and wondering “How can I fix my bad credit?” then the best course of action is to instill the help of a credit repairer before you do anything yourself. Ask them to check if they can rebuild your credit.

What does a professional credit repairer do?

A professional credit repairer will help you get a copy of your credit file and go through the bad credit history with you. They can then use their knowledge of credit reporting legislation to see where any errors in credit reporting were made, and help to enforce the legislation that creditors are bound to comply with.

If they are successful, you not only get help with removing errors, but many times you are able to start off with a completely clean credit rating. They have the ability to completely rebuild your credit rating, allowing you to start off with a clean slate and give you the opportunity to go for any loan you choose at the best interest rates.

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