Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in Australia, and it is one which can DIRECTLY lead to a bad credit score.

If fraudsters are able to assume someone’s identity, they may be able to take out credit in the victim’s name – leaving them with a long list of defaults they have to PROVE they weren’t responsible for!!!

It is essential that all credit file holders safeguard their personal information and protect themselves from identity theft, preventing an unnecessary bad credit score.

For this reason, MyCRA Credit Repairs are GIVING AWAY paper shredders, and with that, an extensive 5-page Identity Theft Kit, plus a quick one-page questionnaire to help clients get up to speed with where they may be lacking in identity theft security.

The paper shredder, the Identity Kit and the questionnaire will be available to any clients who sign up with us today and pay a mimumum $200 non-refundable payment.

The full $200 will be credited directly to the client’s credit repairs costs.

No client should put up with what a bad credit score does to their life if they don’t have to!

If there are inconsistencies on a person’s credit file there is a good chance they can be removed.

In the past, MyCRA has achieved up to 91.7% default removal of all cases we take on…could this be you or your client?

So START NOW and get on board TODAY to receive this unique offer – we are saving a client’s credit file now, as well as the clear credit file they will have in the future.

Limited numbers apply, and only for a limited time.

Thanks – Graham Doessel, MyCRA Credit Repairs,

Terms and conditions apply – see us for details.


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