From the desk of a Paralegal – Lauren.

Lauren is dedicated to removing your bad credit | MyCRA Lawyers | 1300-667-218

Lauren is dedicated to removing your bad credit | MyCRA Lawyers | 1300-667-218

We’ve been on an amazing journey here over the last few years. Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of change over the last 2 and a half years, the biggest of course, being the migration from a company to a law firm.

Change is something that we’re not scared of around here, as they’re all changes for the better.

One of the biggest changes I have seen is within myself, and the various roles I have held here over the last few years. I initially started work with MyCRA Pty Ltd in customer service, trying to help client’s understand their file and know what the next step was going to be. The issue here was that I was new and I didn’t know a lot about credit repair, or how it worked, and this was compounded by the fact that I didn’t directly work on the client’s file. Trying to build trust with the client in these circumstances was a tough challenge.

I overcame this challenge and succeeded in building trust with those clients, establishing myself as the key link between those working on the file, and our client.  However impressive this success was, there was still this burning ambition to do more, to know more, and to achieve more.

I’m grateful that in the migration from MyCRA to our law firm, MyCRA Lawyers, I was given that opportunity to become more involved in understanding the legislation and actively work on removing defaults from our client files.

I won’t lie, it was a scary thought at first. There’s an immense amount of pressure involved in this kind of work as our client’s lives are at stake, and I know I successfully tackled this head on.

Now, my core existence is working day in, day out, making sure our client’s rights are protected with creditors, who often, seem to hold little regard for the law, or their customers.

I learnt this role from the ground up, from learning the legislation, to building solid relationships with creditors, ensuring our client’s have a voice. Having a solid knowledge of the legislation and working under the supervision of the solicitors at MyCRA Lawyers, I strive to honour the trust our client’s place in me, to be the person who is doing all that can be done, to help them in both the bad times, if the outcome isn’t what the client was hoping for, and the good times, when the listing is going to be removed as happens in most cases.

It’s been another great week here at MyCRA Lawyers, with multiple listings having already been confirmed as removed, and others scheduled to be removed shortly. My greatest pleasure is working hard on a file, and having that hard work rewarded at the end, with the default being removed. There aren’t a lot of jobs around where you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve positively changed someone’s life.  On the other side, I find those few clients that are unsuccessful, appreciate that I at least helped them to accept their bad credit situation and move forward.

If you want the chance to have your life changed for the better, or know that you’ve left no stone unturned in the in the default removal process, then you need a touch of the #MycraDifference and have someone like me fight for you.