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What Is Credit File Repair?

statementSimply put, if the credit file listing has not been added fairly, has been added incorrectly, or you believe it should not be there at all, then there is a strong chance it may be able to be removed.

If you make an application for finance, being loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc. your credit file is likely to be checked by the finance company or lender to verify you meet their lending conditions.  The sorts of things that are recorded on your credit rating in Australia can and most often do include:, the number of times you have applied for credit, the type of finance you applied for and the dollar amount of the loan you applied for and if you have been as little as 14 days late (from March 2014) in making your repayments.



Does This Sound Like You?

Relationship Breakdown

IT’s All My EX’s Fault..

parents-divorced-smYou’d got on with your life only to find out that the previous relationship still had some hidden surprises.. You went through a messy break up but as far as you were aware, your ex-partner was supposed to be paying the bills.

Your Partner Promised that everything was paid and you had no real reason to doubt that they would have done that.

The first time you became aware of there was a problem was when you applied for the loan and were DECLINED because of bad credit..


I Had No Idea…

What Default On My Credit File?

angry-man-on-phone-smYou have been to get finance only to be told DECLINED due to a default you knew absolutely nothing about..

You Absolutely Saw RED! How could someone be ‘Mucking’ with your credit file (and your life) like this without you knowing anything about it??

You even went so far as to argue with your lender that this couldn’t be right… There are laws in place in Australia to stop this sort of thing, aren’t there?

“Seriously, what is this and how do I get it fixed??”


What Can I Do Now?

Firstly, You are not alone, We estimate that there could be as many as 4,000,000 people in Australia with mistakes on their credit files and the entire team at MyCRA Lawyers is here with just one goal.. To Fix Your Credit File!


What is Credit File Repair?

Simply put, if the credit file listing has not been added fairly, has been added incorrectly, or you believe it should not be there at all, then there is a strong chance it can be removed…


What can MyCRA Lawyers remove from my Credit File?

We can help to remove any Default, Judgment, Court Writ, Clearout, Overdue Account or Credit Enquiry that has been added to your credit file Incorrectly, Unfairly or Unjustly…


What are my chances?

Each case is different and what seems easy can be hard and those we think are a little ‘iffy’, can suddenly come off quickly, so we never know until the bell rings, but with a previous success rate of up to 91.7%, I’d say your chances are Pretty Good statistically.


What is my worst case scenario?

The worst thing that could happen is that you could pay and not have your default removed or it may take much longer to have it removed.


We Can Help Clear Your Credit File And Give You A Clean Credit Rating?

If you are over 18 and live in Australia (Aust), in Qld, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, WA, NT or the ACT, and you have credit defaults or bad credit, you can get your life back and get your credit file or credit report repaired, we are the fastest (Judgments removed in as little as 3 days) and the best priced known credit repair service in Australia. So, if you want to know more about credit repair or if you’ve ever asked the question, ‘How Do I Fix My Credit Rating?’, then you have come to the right place.