6 Simple Steps To Credit Rating Repair

Video 5 – (1:05)

Step 5 (Removal Of The Default)

The creditor has agreed to remove the default and in some cases, you’ll find out before we do – that’s pretty exciting.

However, once the creditor has agreed to remove the default (or has already removed it), our Credit Repair Team then send you an email advising you of the successful outcome and requesting the success fee of only $218.90 per default per credit reporting agency. (for example: One default on one credit file = $218.90. One default on two credit files 2 x $218.90 etc.)

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Tip: If the default is a court ‘Writ’ or ‘Judgment’ listing, then it’s automatically listed on all three – Veda Advantage, Dun & Bradstreet and Tascol (for Tasmanian Judgments and Writs).

That’s why it’s a GOOD IDEA to get a copy of your credit file from both Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet before we start, to see where you’re defaulted so we can fix ALL problems in one go… (and if you live in Tasmania you will need a copy from Tascol as well)

Then 10 business days later, you call the Credit Reporting Agency/s and ask if you have any defaults. This confirms the removal has been successful.

(Please Note: If you have Veda Alert or a similar notification system from other credit reporting agencies, they will NOT automatically notify you when the default is removed. You MUST phone up to confirm)


Everything is right for you to now continue processing your mortgage or finance application!

Now we move on to the next step Step 6 – Take Action and Get Started

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  • Step 6 – Take Action and Get Started

Please Note: Our previous results of up to 91.7% have applied only to consumer applications and past results are no indication of future performance.