free credit ratingThere are two ways you can order your credit rating

1. Order a Free Copy Of Your Credit Rating.

2. Or order an Urgent Credit File Analysis $74.97 which includes same day ordering of your credit file and same day analysis. 

Which Copy Should I Order?

It all depends on your circumstances and urgency of your request. Under credit reporting guidelines, the credit reporting agencies will send you a free copy of your credit rating within 10 working days of your request – so you should receive it within about 15 days. This is a great way to routinely check your credit file for inconsistencies.

Please note: if you know you have bad credit, or need to find out urgently, you may find our Urgent Credit File Analysis more appropriate for you.


We can help you get a free copy of each of these credit reports.

  • Equifax (Formerly Veda Advantage) (The Largest and Most Checked In Australia) – Previously BayCorp
  • Dun & Bradstreet (Known as ‘DnB’ Also a Debt Collector) Most lenders have started using DnB
  • Tasmanian Collection Service (Known as TASCOL – Mainly for Tasmanians)
  • Veda Advantage (New Zealand version for our Kiwi Mates…)
  • Experian (New CRA, Only collecting information & not yet providing credit reports)

(SAVING YOU $99.95 plus…)


Once you have a Free copy of your credit file, please make sure you go through all of the information in detail to make sure it’s correct.

Identity Theft is one of the major causes of mistakes and errors on credit files so if you see anything that doesn’t seem right or that is just plain wrong, contact the creditor and ask them to remove it.

If that doesn’t work, credit repair companies like MyCRA are here to negotiate the removal of inaccurate and unsubstantiated bad credit listings

If you are unsure how to read your credit file or how to interpret the information, or your credit report reveals some surprise bad credit, we will provide a free credit assessment for you and help you gain the understanding you need, when you provide us with your current credit report/s.

Call us on 1300 667 218 or complete the quick enquiry form on this page and our team will get back to you ASAP. 


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