How Do Bad Credit Defaults Get Removed…

How do defaults get removed

1.)  Firstly, we ask you what really happened so we understand your specific situation.

2.)  We then confirm the listings on your Credit Files to further assess your specific situation.

3.)  You are then advised the most appropriate course of action, including which defaults Do NOT need to be investigated.

4.)  Then we request from your creditor(s), a list of specific documents and information about your file and history with them.

5.)  We then review the information provided by both you and your creditor, and compare that with up to approximately 8000 pages of legislation, looking for legislative and/or compliance breaches.

6.)  We then uncover those legislative or compliance breaches and advise your creditor that the default listing has been placed unlawfully and needs to be removed immediately. This happens in 91.6% of cases..

7.)  You are then advised of the successful default removal resolution.  29.6% of the successful removal resolutions are achieved in seven days or less.

8.)  Once your creditor has acknowledged the removal request, the default is normally permanently removed from your credit file(s) in just 10 business days.

You can then go on to apply for your home loan or finance and move in to your very own family home.

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