How Credit Repair Really Works

As Lawyers, we help good people out of bad situations by removing unfair & disputable bad credit listings in the shortest possible time

And as your Credit Repair Lawyers, (100% focused on Consumer and Finance law) your MyCRA Lawyers team will be representing you in your case, working to remove your bad credit listings.

Because you believe the listings are Unjust, Unfair, or Not A True Reflection Of Your Current Situation and you believe should not be listed on your credit report, MyCRA Lawyers will let you know your options and how quickly you can hold your head up high proud that you have clean credit, a great credit score , and a credit file that’ll help you get your home loan!

Simply put, if the credit file listing has not been added fairly, has been added incorrectly, or you believe it should not be there at all, then talk to us to have it removed.

We can help you get a copy of your Credit File, and from there perform a detailed credit file analysis to determine how MyCRA Lawyers can help repair your credit file to give you the best opportunity to get your finance application accepted by Credit Providers.

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How Does Credit Repair Really Work?

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