Credit Repair Process

We make the whole process seem very simple thanks to the thousands of people who have come before you.

What Are The Steps

Step One begins with asking you a few questions.  This will allow MyCRA Lawyers to get a deep understanding of your specific circumstances, and what you can recall leading up to the default being listed.

Step Two is where we make initial contact with the creditor that default listed you.  We request a number of specific documents from your creditor (that they are legally required to have).

Step Three involves a full and thorough in-depth review, investigation, and audit of these documents where we find legislative and/or compliance breaches that result in the default listing being deemed unlawful.

Step Four sees the non-compliant creditor issued with a notice to immediately remove the unlawful default listing.

Step Five is the feel good stage where we confirm the default has been removed from your Equifax (Formerly Veda Advantage), Dun and Bradstreet, Experian and Tasmanian Collections Services’ Credit Files. (and where we get the pleasure of calling you with the amazing and life changing confirmation…)