credit file

Your credit score matters. Scammers know this, and they make a living preying on those desperate to improve their score.

How the scam works:

You get a phone call or see an ad for a company that claims it can instantly repair your credit. Your poor credit rating has been a barrier to preventing you from achieving.

You contact the company, and they promise to remove past credit mistakes, such as late payments or a bankruptcy, from your credit report.

How to identify a credit repair scam:

Please find below the 5 main points to help you not be caught out with a Credit Repair scam:

  • The company promises to remove all negative information from your credit report. If the information is lawful and accurate, they cannot remove this.
  • You are urged to get a new ‘credit identity’. This is just a sales pitch!
  • Ensure you check all information. Make sure you sign a contract and that it contains the terms of your agreement, including the price, the time period and the services to be performed.
  • Research the prospective company to ensure you know their reputation.
  • Be wise enough to choose MyCRA Lawyers.