MyCRA Lawyers Referral Dollars

MyCRA Lawyers Referral Dollars Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to our Referral Dollars Loyalty Rewards Program.

To be eligible to receive our Referral Dollars, you must first register as a referrer HERE  (is free and very fast).

How the Referral Dollars Work

When are Referral Dollars awarded?

  • When a registered referrer refers a potential client to MyCRA Lawyers, we will automatically send you a $50 Referral Voucher as an immediate thank you when you refer your clients to MyCRA Lawyers.
  • When your clients engage MyCRA Lawyers for Credit Repair Services, you will receive an additional $50 Referral Voucher (Now a total of $100 so far).
  • Once your client’s matter has finalised, you can choose to receive a further $300 in Referral Vouchers per matter, in lieu of invoicing for a cash payment (That’s up to $400 for a client with one matter and an additional $300 for each additional matter).
  • Your client will also receive $100 in Referral Vouchers once their matter has concluded.

How are Referral Dollars Redeemed?

  • For Credit Repair Services:
  • Mention in your referral to MyCRA Lawyers that you’ll be giving your client $XXXX worth of Original Referral Dollars to your client.
  • Physically give those Referral Dollars to your client to post, or physically post the Referral Dollars to be redeemed to MyCRA Lawyers at:
    • Referral Dollars
      MyCRA Lawyers
      PO Box 7228
      Brendale QLD 4500
  • When we speak to your client, we will quote the normal professional fees applicable to their Credit Repair matter(s) and let them know that once the Orignal Referral Dollars have been received (must be received within 14 days of starting their matter), verified, and confirmed, they’ll be credited the full amount of the Face Value of the Referral Dollars as originally discussed and received.
  • The Referral Dollars must be received by MyCRA Lawyers within 14 days of the engagement date of the matters the Referral Dollars Vouchers are intended to be redeemed against.
  • Alternatively, if the Referral Dollars are received as specified, for a specific client’s matter(s) prior to engagement, then the value of the successfully redeemed Referral Dollars will be deducted from the amount required to be placed in Trust upon engagement of MyCRA Lawyers for those specific matters.
  • For Any Other Legal Practice Holdings Services:
    • Eg. Through Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers including but not limited to:
      • Creation or update of Wills and Estates,
      • Family Law Matters
      • Debt Recovery Matters
      • Commercial Litigation Matters
      • Immigration Matters
      • etc.
  • Call Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers on 1300 ADS LAW (1300 237 529) or 07 3088 3777 and speak to one of our friendly team.
  • Make an appointment to discuss your legal matters
  • Mention (while making the appointment) that you’ll be redeeming the Referral Dollars.
  • Post your Referral Dollars to:
    • Referral Dollars
      Armstrong Doessel Stevenson Lawyers
      PO Box 7228
      Brendale, QLD 4500
  • Making sure the Referral Dollars are received, verified, and confirmed prior to your appointment.
  • The balance of your quoted professional fees are required to be placed in Trust prior to starting work on your matter also.

Conditions Of Use:
For new applications or matters only | Not Legal Tender | Not redeemable for cash | Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer | multiple coupons are acceptable on a single purchase | credit will be applied upon physical redemption and verification by issuer (Voucher(s) must be physically provided to Legal Practice Holdings at PO Box 7228 Brendale, Qld.  4500 for the face value to be applied after the voucher is verified.) | face value will be credited to professional service fees of Legal Practice Holdings (or other such entity as agreed to in writing from time to time) ONLY | Voucher serial number and person the voucher was issued to, MUST be disclosed prior to commencing a new application or matter to be valid for a credit against that application or matter | The date recorded on the original Referral Dollars must be a date prior to the date the client was originally referred to MyCRA Lawyers | The Referral Dollars must be received by MyCRA Lawyers within 14 days of the engagement date of the matters the Referral Dollars Vouchers are intended to be redeemed against | The client must place full payment for the matters into Legal Practice Holdings Trust Account, out of which any refund equal to the referral Dollars successfully redeemed will be made | If the Referral Dollars are received by MyCRA Lawyers for a specific client prior to the engagement of MyCRA Lawyers by that client, then the Referral Dollars will be deducted from the full payment for the matters to be placed in Trust.


Jonathan Salter MyCRA Lawyers Testimonial on LinkedIn


 “Thank you so much I will tell all my Doctor friends, family, and I will recommend them to you.”

“… for me impossible to get any loan, without your help …”

“… And Lauren Andrew, ahhh Phillip Anthony, Cory – they are all amazing, you know? I can’t tell you how beautiful the service was, it’s amazing, it’s changed my life. It’s changed my life and it’s saved me thousands of dollars because you know the bank wanted to give me 10% because of my credit file. My excellent, my credit history now, it’s back on track…”  Dr Kamal Zgheib – Qld

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Dr Kamal Zgheib default removal | MyCRA Lawyers Testimonial


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