About MyCRA Lawyers

MyCRA Lawyers is an Incorporated Legal Practice, focused on credit file consultancy, credit disputes and Credit Score Improvement.

We are a Credit Reporting Advocate Law Firm for individuals wishing to dispute inaccurate, unfair or unjust listings on their credit file which prevent them from obtaining credit.

Most consumers don’t have the skill, the knowledge or the time to undertake disputing and removing a credit listing on their own behalf –especially if the issue is not entirely straightforward.

We conduct an audit-like investigation for individuals on the circumstances and processes surrounding any alleged unlawful credit listing, and if the credit file listing is found to have been added incorrectly, unfairly or there are errors on the credit report, MyCRA  Lawyers will formally request its removal from the individual’s credit file with the individual’s Credit Provider.

We do that by seeking to enforce the credit reporting legislation creditors are legally bound to comply with.

MyCRA Lawyers will investigate, prepare and negotiate the dispute case, and we can also liaise with credit reporting bodies, Ombudsman Services and other Government and non-Government entities where required.

The difference in using MyCRA Lawyers for credit dispute services?

We can act in court processes; identify legal issues; provide legal advice; prepare binding agreements; conduct formal negotiations and follow through with enforcement where necessary.  As lawyers we can also make formal recommendations to Credit Providers making reference to the law, and make representations on behalf of our clients as and immediately when required.

About Graham Doessel

Graham Doessel seated colourGraham’s experience as both a specialist broker and as a consumer at the wrong end of consumer credit reporting drove him to create MyCRA Lawyers from the ground up.

His road to success was certainly paved with many ups and downs – including bankruptcy (in 2000) following a bad business relationship. But Graham has used his negative experience to become a champion for the ‘little guy’ in the big wide world of credit, and in doing so has built a successful business which helps thousands of Australians.

“It’s about looking after the ‘little guy’ who can all too frequently get chewed up and spat out when it comes to credit issues, especially when battling some of the big companies,” he says.

A frequent spokesperson for credit reporting issues in Australia as they impact the individual, Graham was instrumental in developing a best practice conduct for the credit repair industry with the Credit Repair Industry Association of Australiasia (CRIAA), of which he is the Secretary and Spokesperson.

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The Credit Repair Story

In the early 2000’s with the assistance of a close friend, Graham started the company called Mortgage Power which then became Mortgage Now.

Over the next five years, Mortgage Now grew to be known as the largest exclusively non-conforming mortgage brokerage in Australia.

It was whilst researching other non-bankruptcy options to develop plans to help other people in similar situations that he came across the concept of repairing bad credit.

He learnt that many of his clients had negative listings appearing on their credit file that shouldn’t have been there – listings that were stopping them getting a home loan at normal interest rates. These people had been victims of the fallout of incorrect credit reporting – and were paying dearly for it.

He was happy to help them get a non-conforming loan, but still remembers feeling as if they had been dealt a very unfair blow – especially when he worked out how much more in interest they would end up paying for someone else’s mistake.

The Global Financial Crisis in 2008 hit all brokers hard, not the least the non-conforming market. Sub-prime lenders were folding at a rate of knots – and this meant Mortgage Now was suddenly struggling to find lenders despite having more clients than ever before.

Then Graham remembered his thousands of clients who were faced with bad credit that shouldn’t have been there.
Graham went back to basics, and found out how these clients could be helped.

After extensive studying of Australian credit reporting legislation, he was able to come up with a framework for the solution to credit rating errors.

Graham has built and strengthened his success in credit repair, by moving from MyCRA Pty Ltd to MyCRA Lawyers in 2013.

He identified a clear need to do more for consumers in terms of assisting them with disputes, and so MyCRA Lawyers was established.

For Media Enquiries

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