Merry Christmas from Graham and the team at MyCRA Credit Rating Repair.

We have had a tremendous 12 months and are very thankful to all of our clients and brokers that we’ve been able to help so far.

This last year has seen us grow and expand far outside of our expectations and with that growth we have had our ups and downs.

We’ve had interesting times with suppliers and ex suppliers, we’ve had major creditors flaunting their responsibilities to their clients and the law. We’ve had tremendous successes that have seen our best ever removal of a telco default within 1 1/2 days of our client paying his stage 2 fee.

We have continued to grow and learn so much as a company. We have found better and more time efficient ways of dealing with creditors and helping them to understand their obligations to clients, including publishing resources that will help creditors make less mistakes in the future.

This we hope may lead to decreasing numbers of incorrectly added defaults on clients credit files. In conjunction with the ACCC, ASIC, the office of Fair Trading, The Privacy Commissioner and several other bodies in Australia, we are working to improve the standard of information reported to Credit Reporting Agencies to improve the data quality Nationally.

2011 is looking like a very exciting time for MyCRA with the recent launch of our own National Agency Rollout Program aimed at getting local representation on the ground across the country.

Within weeks of the soft launch, we had received several genuine enquiries for placement and of the applications received we welcomed one new agent in Melbourne South East and one new Agent in Sydneys’ North west. We expect this number to be multiplied ten fold in the first half of 2011.

We also saw the launch of our offices in New Zealand with an office in Auckland and Queenstown. I look forward to continuing to drive the KIWI expansion.

We will continue to move our clients files forward with full staffing throughout the Christmas period and further staffing increases through January to cope with the very high demand for quality professional default removal and credit rating repair services.

Thanks again from all of us at MyCRA Credit Rating Repair and we look forward to helping you again very soon.

With warm seasons greetings
MyCRA Pty Ltd

Graham Doessel
Founder & CEO