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    LEGAL PRACTICE HOLDINGS GROUP PTY LTD ABN 12 615 900 788 trading as MyCRA Lawyers
    Level 1, 12/104 Gympie Road, Strathpine, QLD 4500.

    • MyCRA is a law firm that provides credit repair services to clients encountering difficulties with their credit files as published by Credit Reporting Bodies.
    • The referrer is aware of persons (“clients”) who have experienced difficulties as a result of the contents of their credit files.
    • The referrer wishes to introduce the clients to MyCRA so the client and MyCRA can explore the possibility of MyCRA providing assistance to the client.

    1. The referrer will introduce the client to MyCRA by providing the contact details for the client to MyCRA.
    2. MyCRA will communicate with the client to ascertain whether MyCRA believes, in its absolute discretion, it can assist the client and whether the client wishes to retain MyCRA services.
    3. If the client retains MyCRA all matters between them will be confidential unless the client authorises the referrer as a third party authorised person in which case, MyCRA will be able to discuss the client’s matters with the referrer.
    4. In any event services provided by MyCRA to the client will be subject to the legal requirements imposed by the Legal Profession Act 2007 and any other rules applicable to the conduct of solicitors and, in the event of any conflict between MyCRA’s obligations to the client or to the referrer, the obligation to the client will take priority.
    5. Legal Practice Holdings Group will not contact clients introduced by the referrer for the provision of any financial services for two years from the date of referral by the referrer nor will it accept instructions from the client in relation to any financial services without the approval of the referrer during the two-year period.
    6. MyCRA will, at the conclusion of the matter for the client, pay a referral fee (inclusive of GST ) at an agreed rate to the referrer within 14 days of receipt of a fully compliant tax invoice from the referrer.

    Completion of this form by the referrer filling in the relevant blanks and clicking SUBMIT will constitute an offer, the acceptance of which will be communicated by MyCRA sending an email to the referrer communicating acceptance of the details set out in the completed form. (updated 20211220)