Read our entire submission on the Privacy Commissioner’s website HERE, but in short,

MyCRA Lawyers submission to the Price Waterhouse Coopers Three Year Review of the Credit Reporting Code

detailed several areas of concern.

The main focus of this post is the alleged unlawful listing of Court data on an Individual’s Credit File.

The Privacy Act (1988) s6N(k) states:

Credit information about an individual is personal information (other than sensitive
information) that is:

(k)publicly available information about the individual:

(i)that relates to the individual’s activities in Australia or the external Territories and the
individual’s credit worthiness; and

(ii)that is not court proceedings information about the individual or information about the
individual that is entered or recorded on the National Personal Insolvency Index; …

It is our opinion that it is unlawful, misleading and deceptive conduct to list court proceedings on an Individual’s credit reports.

If I can ask you to just imagine for a moment, that:

You and your neighbour are discussing erecting a new fence between your properties.

The discussions break down when your neighbour demands you pay 10 times the cost to replace the fence with something similar because your neighbour wants a very fancy, unrealistic, and unnecessarily expensive fence. (or any type of financial dispute between two parties)

Next thing you know, you go to refinance your home only to discover your credit rating has been smashed because of a Court Action being listed.

You investigate to find that your neighbour filed proceedings in the local Magistrates Court for what you believe is vexatious in nature.  You have no record of being served, you have not been to Court but your financial reputation is in ruins…

Just suing someone (proceedings commenced) doesn’t prove anything about their claim, let alone their creditworthiness. A Court Judgment is a more reliable indicator.  That is probably why the Privacy Act (1988) specifically allows Court Judgments to be recorded.

Read our entire submission on the Privacy Commissioner’s website HERE

This is what is probably happening to thousands of people just like you every day – And It Needs To Stop!

MyCRA Lawyers is constantly working in the background to identify and correct Credit Reporting [related] Legislation inequities on behalf of Australian Consumers and Businesses.

This one action could help tens of thousands of hard-working Aussies dramatically improve their credit standing and credit scores without ever even knowing who MyCRA Lawyers is, or what we’ve done for them.

If you have any immediate concerns or black marks you need to have removed from your credit file, please call my team on 1300 667 218 and we’ll guide you through your options, what you need to do now, and how soon your black mark is likely to be erased completely.

What You Need To Do NOW [IMPORTANT]

  1. Get a copy of your Illion AND Equifax credit files NOWBEFORE the change
  2. Keep a printed copy of both credit files (plus your PDF in your email)
  3. Talk to MyCRA Lawyers (once the change is official) about potential compensation

I will publish further details on our website once the change is official.