A recent small scale study revealed having a Bad Credit Rating could be making you FAT

Small Scale Study Reveals Bad Credit Makes You Fat

Small Scale Study Reveals Bad Credit Makes You Fat


We all know that too much takeaway can make us fat and increase the chances of health problems like heart disease, diabetes and so but did you know that having bad credit could also make you fat?

A recent small survey showed the effects of having a bad credit rating could indeed cause you to feel depressed which has been shown to be related to emotional eating, lack of motivation to exercise.

Add together lack of motivation to exercise and emotional eating and you can do the math… Bad Credit = Getting Fat


Who would have thought that having MyCRA lawyers fixing your bad credit rating could actually help you lose weight.

It might be a little bit of a stretch but it sounds reasonable enough to suggest that if bad credit can contribute to depression, emotional eating and lack of motivation to exercise then the lack of bad credit could lessen the same and potentially help you lose weight :-)

Even if when you choose MyCRA Lawyers to help you with your bad credit, even if it didn’t help you lose weight, having a clean credit file would help you regain your financial reputation and lose the embarrassment and stigma some people associate with bad credit.

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Please note that the above is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as legal or medical advice in any way.