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Congratulations, You’re Registered..

You’re now registered as a Referrer.

I look forward to working with you…

As a suggestion,

If you go through your database and look for any clients that have missed out on their dream car due to bad credit you could win three times

  • We’ll pay you a $50 referral fee for every new client
  • The clients will love and remember you for helping them out
  • You just might get a sale – Your client is feeling good with clean credit

Once you refer a client, we take over and call the client.

We then add them (and you) to the online tracking system that will you to track the progress of the repair.

Once their creditor has agreed to remove the default, you could contact them and help them find a new car…

For more information have a look around the website www.mycra.com.au or call and speak to one of our applications consultants on 07 3124 7133