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Why Choose MyCRA Lawyers:


That will depend on a few factors including:

  • Who listed your default
  • Is it paid or unpaid
  • BUT

MyCRA Lawyers hold the Australian Default Removal Record of just 17 minutes

Any information on your credit file that is incorrect can be removed or amended.

Most commonly, Defaults, Judgments, Clearouts, Overdue Accounts and Enquiries are removed.

The sooner you start the sooner you’ll get your life back.
The simple answer is yes. (The following is a section of legislation specifically talking about who can do this sort of work)

Prohibition on engaging in legal practice when not entitled

legal work means —

                  (a)     any work in connection with the administration of law; or

                  (b)     drawing or preparing any deed, instrument or writing relating to or in any manner dealing with or affecting —

                               (i)     real or personal estate or any interest in real or personal estate; or

                              (ii)     any proceedings at law, civil or criminal, or in equity;

Filing documents with the courts, instructing creditors of their legal obligations on your behalf, giving you advice on your legal rights to do particular things.  All Legal work is prohibited unless you are entitled at law (a Solicitor) to do it.

Save yourself the money, time and grief, don’t risk your reputation and the chance of making your credit rating even worse. Choose to only deal with a Law Firm comprising of Expert Solicitors and Paralegals in the field of Credit Reporting Legislation

No, it will just be marked as “Paid” or “Settled” accordingly.

A default can only be removed from your credit file(s) when MyCRA Lawyers proves to your creditor the default listing was placed unlawfully initially.

MyCRA Lawyers proves this in more than 9 out of 10 cases (Independent External Audit Report confirms 91.6% of all matters fully investigated achieve a successful removal resolution, with a staggering 29.4% (almost one in every three) of those achieving the resolution in seven days or less.

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