The [credit repair] Senate Enquiry into “Credit and financial services targeted at Australians at risk of financial hardship” just concluded its Brisbane Public Hearing and our Legal Practitioner Director Patrick Earl was in attendance.

MyCRA Lawyers 80 page submission to the Senate Enquiry (Go to this link, then page 4) is summed up on page one of our submission.

“Our fundamental submission is that credit repair work should be recognised as legal work by its very nature. Consequently, it would be reserved for lawyers, thereby being regulated in each state by the relevant legal regulatory body. Restricting credit repair work to lawyers would thereby address almost all of the complaints made about credit repair bodies.

There seems to be a commonly held belief that credit repair work is unregulated whereas, in our submission it is, it is legal in nature and should be limited to and regulated as work for lawyers. The regulations already exist and it only awaits the recognition of the nature of the work”

The Canberra public hearings are scheduled for tomorrow 24 Jan 2019

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have a look at a few previous success stories (Case Studies)

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Links: Sanity Space | SBAA | ADS Law | Family Law FIVE | Referral Form |  View web version |

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To help you decide, where we help you is…

  1. If you have bad crèdit; and
  2. If you want a clean crèdit rating in early 2019; and
  3. If you want the safety, surety, and confidence of Lawyers; and
  4. If you want the best value for your money,

Then doesn’t it make good sense to get started with MyCRA Lawyers? It does, doesn’t it?

have a look at a few previous success stories (Case Studies)

So, if your home loan was declined and you missed out on the perfect home because of your bad crèdit rating that no one told you could be fixed by MyCRA Lawyers, then looking back maybe you’d say you’d have paid anything to have the default removed right?

So rather than waiting for more bad news, why not get started on your credit repair with MyCRA Lawyers Now at our best value ever and let us do all the work so you can have a clean credit rating in 2019?

If you can recall, I’ve been helping people fix their credit ratings since 26 November 2009 (I tested the idea from September 2009 and registered the company 26 Nov 2009), so I believe I’ve got the most experience, knowledge and success in credit repair in Australia, in MyCRA Lawyers, and this is backed up by:

  1. Our fastest Default Removal Resolution in just 17 minutes from our first email to the creditor to receiving confirmation that the default would be removed
  2. Being able to prove our 91.6% Default Removal Resolution Success Rate
  3. The growing number of glowing client reviews, and

This all means that MyCRA Lawyers has come to be known as the premium choice if you want your credit repaired properly, in the shortest possible time, and with the least amount of work required from you (we ask you a few questions and then seek the information from your creditor, and do everything for you)

So if you want your credit repaired properly, in the shortest time, and now (until Thursday 31 January 2019 at 5pm QLD time) at the lowest lawyer rate in Australia, call MyCRA Lawyers NOW on 1300 667 218 and ask to get started NOW

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how we worked out how to do it …

We have deconstructed our 9 years of success and reassembled it into 4 distinct stages

  1. Investigation
  2. Review
  3. Complaint
  4. Escalation

have a look at a few previous success stories (Case Studies)

We discovered that a large number of our clients get their defaults removed in the initial investigation stage

because by now most creditors know about MyCRA Lawyers long-standing reputation to keep working until the default is removed,

and because there is every chance we have successfully beaten your creditor many times by now, they will often make a commercial decision to remove the default sooner than later

because they know when you choose MyCRA Lawyers to represent you,

you’ll probably be successful anyway, and it makes no sense for them to waste money fighting a fight they will most likely lose anyway.

So in Stage One: (Other clients are normally billed over $2000 for this first stage)

  1. You will get started TODAY by getting your verbal agreement to save you valuable time to ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing saving
  2. We will open your file
  3. We will Conduct a full  and in-depth review of your credit files from at least two Credit Reporting Bodies (we can get the credit files if you don’t have them already)
  4. We will ensure your safety and draft a full client agreement and disclosure notice specific to you and your matter and email it out to you for your records
  5. You will answer a few questions to give your dedicated Lawyer as much information as you can remember
  6. We will research the specifics of your creditor
  7. We will compile the years of historical knowledge about your creditor from all previous cases against your creditor (our previous clients and court cases)
  8. We will Draft the initial contact letter to your creditor (awaiting the return of your signed authority by email) to include the relevant information that will best help have your default removed in the shortest possible time
  9. We will send your initial contact letter to your creditor after it has been reviewed by our Senior Partner Mr Patrick Earl (Most Senior and Most Respected Lawyer in our Firm) as a final quality assurance check.
  10. We will chase and follow up your creditor for a default removal resolution
  11. We will keep you informed every step of the way for your peace of mind

have a look at a few previous success stories (Case Studies)

So, if you can see the value of getting started now, please stop what you are doing, pick up your mobile right now and press 1300 667 218 right now to speak to one of my team, or leave a message to have one of my team call you back (in the order the calls are received so get in fast) and remember, if the lines are busy, please keep trying and call back on 1300 667 218 now.

Welcome to 2019!



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I’m Graham Doessel, the Founder and CEO of MyCRA Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers.
I’m a Dad, Grandad, Husband and a Small Business Owner.
For years I’ve struggled with the balance between sharing personal info about me, and being the ‘Professional Business Owner’.
Then I discovered a simple truth, an a-ha moment that has just today made me realise that I need to share more with you than I ever have before, so here we go, first…
  1. MyCRA Lawyers is more expensive; but
  2. You get a certified Practicing Lawyer removing your default when you choose MyCRA Lawyers; and
  3. Most defaults are removed in 30 days or less; with almost a 1/3 getting their removal resolution in just 7 days or less

(If you act now, you might qualify to engage the Best for less than you pay an unlicensed credit repair agency)

(So, do your research, check out the unlicensed credit repair agencies and their outlandish and unsubstantiated claims [they’re popping up everywhere like weeds in the garden], and then do what most people do, and choose the safe [and legal] path and ask MyCRA Lawyers to consider removing your default for you)

  1. Call 1300 667 218 right now; and
  2. Get started from as little as $1497 today; and
  3. You could have clean credit before you know it!
  1. I find it hard to talk about myself
  2. I hide away from people and I set up my office in the storeroom
  3. My Wife Helen keeps me sane, and giving my kids Steph, Cory and Joel better opportunities than I had are why I work such crazy long hours
  4. I am a cancĕr survivor (9 years now)
  5. I am FBAA’s Vice President for QLD and NT
  6. I am a JP Qualified
  7. I am a Law Student
  8. I was Scared Sh*tless when Steph (my Daughter) said I was going to be a Grandad – And I resisted because I saw Grandparents as OLD, and I was in my 40’s
  9. I was a Mortgage Broker from 1997 to 2010
  10. I closed it [mortgage now] down after being diagnosed with (and beating) cancĕr
  11. I reregistered as a broker in 2016 so I could keep my CPD up so I better understand what my referring brokers are going through and help them with non-conforming scenarios.
  12. I don’t know what else to write about…
have a look at a few previous
success stories (Case Studies)

Call my team on 1300 667 218 today, you’ll be glad you did!* The up to 58.6% saving is the difference between 15 hours at our Solicitors Standard Hourly Rate and MyCRA lawyers Unique fixed fee credit repair option calculation that you may qualify for if you complete the form.

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