Step By Step Legal Default Removal (Credit Repair) Process
7 Steps To Clean Credit

Confirmation Of Issue
MyCRA Lawyers can improve your credit score with our unique default removal process

MyCRA Lawyers can improve your credit score with our Unique Default Removal Process

Credit Repair Step 1) – Confirmation Of Your Issue:

  • The first Credit Repair step is for MyCRA Lawyers to confirm the bad credit listings on your credit file.
  • If your Broker didn’t give you a copy, we can arrange an up-to-date copy of your credit rating for you.
  • This can be done before your free deep dive discovery appointment by completing and returning this form  to make it easier for you.
  • Our friendly team will take you through your credit file step-by-step and explain any and all aspects of it so you understand it fully.
  • Once you know what’s on your credit file and what needs to be repaired, you can decide you want MyCRA Lawyers to remove your Enquiries, Defaults, Late Repayment Histories, and Judgments for you.
Authority To Act Received
Act Now and Call MyCRA Lawyers on 1300-667-218 for default removal

 The sooner you act now, the sooner your default removal will be completed and your credit repaired

Credit Repair Step 2) – Authority To Act

  • In this step, we send you out the paperwork for you to review, complete and return the same or next day.
  • This means you fully understand what we do and how we do it.
  • These documents include instructions for us to contact your creditor to discuss your file.
Contact Made With Creditor
MyCRA Lawyers contacts your creditors for default removal

MyCRA Lawyers contacts your creditors for default removal investigation

Credit Repair Step 3) – Making Contact With Your Creditor

  • Now we forward a copy of your signed “Authority To Act” to your creditor.
  • We also request a set of very specific documents and records from your creditor.
  • Your creditor is required to have a copy of these documents.
  • Your creditor has a specific amount of time within which to supply your documents and records.
In-Depth Audit Completed
We Audit Your Creditor Looking For Legislative & Compliance Errors, To Have Your Default Removal Completed

We Audit Your Creditor Looking For Legislative & Compliance Errors, To Have Your Default Removal Completed

Credit Repair Step 4) – In-Depth Audit & Investigation

  • This stage is where, while it is only a small part, MyCRA Lawyers’ years of training and experience pays off for you.
  • This is where your team of Solicitors and Paralegals go through your documents and records ‘with a fine tooth comb’.
  • Your dedicated MyCRA Lawyers Team are investigating the way in which your default was added to your credit report.
  • We are comparing your documents with up-to 8,000 pages of legislation.
  • We’re looking for legislative or compliance breaches in the way the default was added to your credit file.
  • These errors are mostly ‘Human Errors’ where ‘People’ haven’t followed the systems correctly, or
  • Your creditor cannot evidence that they afforded you all of your consumer rights in the listing of your default.
Errors Have Been Identified
Reasons for the default removal are identified

MyCRA Lawyers will look for reasons to justify your default removal

Credit Repair Step 5) – Errors In The Default Listing Process Are Identified

  • This is where it all comes together.
  • We have found errors in the way your default listing was added to your credit file.
  • Your Legal Team skilfully draft a complaint letter to your creditor.
  • This letter of complaint contains the evidence of where and how your creditor is non-compliant.
  • This letter will detail the specific legislative breaches engaged in by your creditor.
  • We will also outline the possible fines and legal ramifications for their non-compliance.
Instructions Issued To Remove The Unlawful Default
MyCRA Lawyers instruct the creditor of the legislative breaches that require the immediate default removal

Legislative Breaches Identified – Immediate Default Removal Ordered!

Credit Repair Step 6) – Immediate Removal Instructions Are Issued To Your Creditor

  • This is where the complaint letter in the previous step is sent to your creditor.
  • Instructions are included explaining the process to remove the default from your credit rating(s).
  • In many, many cases, this step results in a removal resolution confirmation from your creditor in seven (7) days or less.
Congratulations – You Have Clean Credit – You Can Buy Your Home! 100%
Default removal done - now happy times

Default Removal Done – Now Back To Your Broker To Settle Your Mortgage…

Credit Repair Step 7) – Confirmation Of Removal

  • Congratulations! Default Removed – You can get your Home Loan…
  • The Credit Reporting Bodies can confirm the removal of your default.
  • If we got you a copy of your credit file within the last 90 days, we’ll be notified automatically.
  • Now you take a massive sigh of relief and you and your family move into your new home…  Imagine that…

You Might Be Thinking That It’s MyCRA Lawyers’ Proven Credit Repair Systems And Expertly Trained Legal Team That Are The Main Reason You Have Better Than 9 in 10 Chance Of Getting Your Credit Rating Cleaned When You Choose MyCRA Lawyers For Credit Repair…

And You’d Probably Also Imagine, Just For A Moment, That MyCRA Lawyers Will Take Away All Of Your Default Related Stress And Worry, While They Utilise Their Many Years Of Expertise & Legal Training, To Virtually Guarantee You A Crisp Clean New Looking Credit Rating And Credit Score… 

And You Might Also Think That All Of This Wisdom, Experience, Expertise, Training, Research, Dedication And Commitment to Removing Your Bad Credit Quicker And More Consistently Than Anyone Else In Australia, Would Come At A Very Reasonable Price Point… And You’d Be Right Again.

MyCRA Lawyers is known throughout Australia, through it’s many Television appearances, Radio Interviews, write-ups in many National News Papers, features and discussions in multiple, highly regarded Finance and Mortgage Publications, to be the most trusted, most successful, most consistent and most transparent Law Firm, to help clients with Credit Reporting Mistakes, by removing unlawful credit rating defaults.  Many in seven days or less.

If you, someone you know, or someone you care about has a bad credit rating, don’t you think you actually owe it to them (and yourself) to at least call and speak to one of the very friendly and very understanding Legal Team at MyCRA Lawyers?

Mike Goldman thanks MyCRA Lawyers

Mike Goldman thanks MyCRA Lawyers

You will NOT be judged.  You Will be truly heard.  Your Free, No Obligation Chat will help you discover your true, safe and legal options to repair your credit, so you can decide if you want MyCRA Lawyers to help you remove your bad credit defaults.  

You could even take the information we give you at no charge and try to see if you can remove the listings yourself.  We don’t mind explaining this process because most people prefer to have an expert like MyCRA Lawyers working on a matter as serious as your financial reputation, and those that don’t care probably aren’t our preferred clients anyway.

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