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Why Women Could Be Locked Out Of Home Ownership Simply Because They Are Female

By |2020-09-23T14:54:19+10:0010/09/2020|Credit Repair, General, media releases, Press Releases, Removals|

you are discriminated against based on: 1. where you live, 2. on the job you have, 3. how long you’ve been in that job and of course 4. how good you’ve been at paying your debts in the past...

Senate Enquiry Into Credit Repair In Australia [email]

By |2019-03-06T23:05:57+10:0006/03/2019|Broker, Credit law series, Credit Repair, General, Industry News, Legislation, OAIC, Privacy Commissioner, Removals|

Hi, The [credit repair] Senate Enquiry into "Credit and [...]

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