The MyCRA Credit Repair Process

The Credit Repair Process involves the auditing of your Credit Provider to ascertain whether the method and or circumstances of your credit listing were compliant with current credit reporting and or industry law. If mistakes in the process are identified, then we will make a complaint on your behalf.

Every case is different, but generally the credit repair process takes on this form:

1. We order a copy of your credit report and analyse the credit listings and other information found there.

2. We ask you to provide as much information about the credit listing as possible.

3. We ask your Credit Provider to supply documentation on your account.

4. We escalate your complaint if the Credit Provider refuses to provide the documentation.

5. We determine whether there is a likelihood that a case for dispute can be made.

6. We analyse the information provided by both you and your Credit Provider and audit the Credit Provider’s compliance with current credit reporting and industry law.

7. We construct a complaint to your Credit Provider based on our findings.

8. We follow up that complaint where necessary.

9. We escalate that complaint to relevant higher authorities where necessary.

How long does credit repair take?

Since there are so many unpredictable factors to credit repair cases, we can’t give you a firm time. What we can tell you is that we aim for 45-60 days for our cases.

We have had success in removing some Credit Rating Defaults in as little as 3 days and others have been successfully removed after 11 months of constant hard work.

The time it will take us to remove your specific default will depend on:

1. the particular facts relating to your application, including the evidence required to support each party’s claims,

2. the amount of cooperation we receive from your creditor/s including how quickly they respond to our requests,

3. the number of issues raised in your application,

4. the volume (the more the better..) and relevance of information and supporting documents provided by you,

5. the complexity of the legislation relating to your particular defaults.

There are no guarantees that the listing on your credit file will be removed.

While we have had a good amount of success in removing commercial listings, unfortunately none of the normal guarantees or time frames apply.

To find out more about how we have helped other customers like you, you can see our case studies.