Three Ways To Improve & Increase Your Credit Score

  1. Avoid Making Credit Enquiries:
    1. Making just four credit enquiries in the last six months (or six in the past 12 months) can result in an immediate and automatic decline for any further credit.
  2. Pay Your Bills On Time:
    1. Paying your payments late (but not so late as to be DEFAULTED) can impact heavily on your credit score.  You may have a clean credit rating but a terrible credit score because you routinely pay your bills late.
  3. Avoid Changes Of Address:
    1. Every time you change your address, that change of address can be recorded on your credit file for five years.  The more you change your address, the more unstable you may appear, which may, in turn, lower your credit score further.
  4. E X T R A– Remove Defaults & Judgments From Your Credit Rating:
    1. You will see an immediate and dramatic increase in your credit score when MyCRA Lawyers removes a bad credit listing from your credit file.
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