Why You Should Choose MyCRA Lawyers

Why You Should Choose MyCRA Lawyers

You probably already know that there are many ‘shonky’ or ‘dodgy’ ‘credit repair companies’ out there!

So you know I wouldn’t ask you to choose MyCRA Lawyers before you take a look at some of the information below and make yourself feel comfortable to then decide to choose engage MyCRA Lawyers as your preferred and only Law Firm for credit repair.

Have a look at the Audit Certificate which proved we actually get *Removal Resolutions for more than 9 in 10 defaults.

Click the image to just see the certificate (in a new window), or click here to [LEARN MORE…]

* Removal Resolution generally means, after an investigation into your matter, MyCRA Lawyers has your creditor has agreeing to remove your listing. Unless there is fraud involved, we may strongly encourage you to settle your debt with the creditor if you have one, or enter into a payment arrangement with your creditor (sometimes it may be a condition of the removal) to avoid the chance of your creditor later taking you to court for non-payment (if that were an option in your matter).