There has been a lot of chatter recently about Identity Theft, Online Scams and  such and one of the best ways to be on the look out for these issues is to grab hold of your free credit report every 12 months..

There are 3 main credit reporting agencies in Australia  and the largest is Veda Advantage.Payment past due  (formerly known as Baycorp Advantage and before that CRAA)

The three credit reporting agencies are:

Each one of these can provide you with a FREE copy of your credit file within 10 working days upon request.

MyCRA Credit Repair suggests you put a reminder into your diary on your birthday every year to jump online and grab a copy of your credit file.

Then check to confirm you recognise each and every entry on on your credit report.  If you do find anything that you don’t immediately recognise, like an application for credit that you don’t recall or a defalt for a debt you know nothing about:

  1. Contact the creditor immediately
  2. find out what it was for
    • If you still have no idea, Contact the Federal Police Immediately !
  3. If you have defaults that are incorrect, unfair or just shouldn’t be there,
    • Dispute them with your creditor and ask that they be removed immediately..

If you have trouble or in a hurry, you may choose to engage a professional Credit Repair Firm like MyCRA Credit Rating Repair

For more information on getting a free copy of your credit file, please go to