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Hi %%First Name%%, Imagine How Good It Would Feel To Have More Clients With Clean Credit And Not To Cost You One Red Cent…

Brokers get
a  hand to settle more deals

11th Nov 2009


Hi %%First Name%%, /p>

With close to 3.4 Million bad credit listings on more than 14.7 Million credit files in Australia, its not surprising that brokers come face to face with clients credit file defaults every single day and with the GFC and tightening lending criteria, it seems to be getting harder and harder to be a broker.

Picture this…

You have a client contact you, it’s a straight forward deal, sweet, this one will go towards this months mort.gage payment.. then out of the blue, the client says, “that default on my CRA won’t make any difference will it?” (If they tell you at all)

Your heart sinks… you think to yourself,  “why couldn’t they have told me at the start…”

You know that (depending on the circumstances)
the default has seriously limited the number of lenders that will even look at the deal let alone approve it..

I am sure the above scenario is one that all too many brokers have seen in the past. And all too many Brokers have had no where to go.. the deal was lost and the commission was gone…

All that hard work for nothing… Oh well, at least you found out early in the piece…

Recently a solution popped up…

How about removing the default from the clients Credit File…

And you can make a few bucks as well… (But more about that shortly..) is not just another
‘wannabe’ that says a lot but does very little.. puts its money where its mouth is… and with a 92% hit rate, we can afford to.


92% of all Credit file repair applicants achieve a positive outcome with a huge 80% of those getting their credit files repaired.

We believe this is the best strike rate in the country and it even comes with a money back Guaran~tee… That’s how confident we really are.

But hold on, there is a hitch, before reading any further, We need to make sure you qualify…

  • Are you a Broker?
  • Do you
    still actively submit deals?
  • Have you
    ever lost one due to defaults?
  • Do you
    want more deals to settle?

If you answered YES to
all 4 questions then read on

%%First Name%%
f you counted up how many deals you’ve lost due to bad credit, and then added up the commission that’s not in your pocket because of it, don’t you think you deserve to have as an option to help
your clients? (and you)

Here is what one broker has had to say about the process:


Hi Guys,

Please use this to help convince more brokers to get credt files fixed.

Happy to help in any way I can.

If other brokers only use you once a month they could add thousands to their bottom line every year..

Thanks heaps for the help


“These guys really help us brokers especially as  we seem to come up against a credit impaired client at lease once a week.

One of my clients recently wanted to re-finance and went to the NAB, they told him he had a $4,127.00 paid default that he knew nothing about.  He also had a court Judgement from 2005.

Funny enough, they said no.

As it happens, the client had a dispute with a crditor, he won the arguement and paid the bill and was unaware that the creditor had listed him on his CRAA.

When I got the client, he told me about the CRAA and we talked about getting it fixed.  We did the numbers and it made good financial sense.  If we could get him placed as nonconforming, the rate would be much higher and the LVR much lower…
Geting his CRAA fixed was a lot better solution.

I have now settled on this deal.  The client is very happy with his standard rate and I got paid too. ($843,214.00 Re-finance)”



referrals here


Check us out at,  call on 1300 667 218 or email for more information.

Once you are comfortable with who and what we do, I can talk to you about the referral program that could see you making or passing on to your client up to $200 on each credit file repair.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this.

Please come back to me personally if you have any questions

Kind regards

Graham Doessel

246 Stafford Road, Stafford, Qld.  4053 | Tel: 1300 667

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