Talk about a risk !  Imagine that, this latest hacking could be massive!

Linkedin has more than 150,000,000 user accounts and most of them are serious professionals who are extremely cautious.  Especially when it comes to leaked information.

Picture This, Richard Branson (Virgin, Virgin Unite, Etc.), a Linkedin member, is chatting to one of colleagues about an upcoming project..(you get the picture..) That information could be extremely Valuable (and damaging) in the wrong hands…

It’s easy to fix though, Jump online immediately and change your password.

Too many people are today falling victim to identity theft and identity fraud as a result of having the same passwords across many different sites and applications.  If your Linkedin Password is the same as your password on other sites, it’d be a really good idea to change that password as well..

What’s all the noise about anyway??

Identity theft is one of the major causes of clients coming to to have their credit rating repaired.

After a consumers identity has been stolen, the identity thief can often apply for a drivers licence, get a medicare card, open a bank account and then we’re into borrowing..

Before you know it, if it was your identity that was stolen, you could find tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt has been ‘run up’ in your name and not only is your credit rating shot, but now you have debt collectors chasing YOU.

That dream about buying your new car, or the family home is now out the door completely…  No lender is going to go anywhere near you with thousands of dollars in unpaid credit card debt…

Change your passwords, DO IT NOW